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Seraphic lights up

Tue 09 May 2017

Seraphic lights up
Sagar Tanksali (Seraphic Energy): We are the only company that is dedicated to supplying LED lighting for the marine industry

Seraphic Energy, based in Hong Kong but originating in India in 2012, supplies light emitting diode (LED) lighting for the marine industry and is keen to expand its footprint in Asia, including Singapore.

Chief executive Sagar Tanksali told Singapore Solutions: “We are the only company that is dedicated to supplying LED lighting for the marine industry. There are other suppliers of lighting that supply to the marine industry but only as a small part of their overall business. The shipping industry is slow is taking up technology and we found that there was little research into the specific requirements for lighting on board ships. The cost of lighting is not significant but for safety and efficiency good lighting is vital. Our objective was to reduce the cost of LED lights and make them more affordable to the shipping industry.

“By 2014 we had established a niche with four marine customers, including Gearbulk and Grindrod. Word of mouth helped in getting more new customers and we developed our expertise in marine lighting. In 2015 we gained further new customers.

“Our lights are designed by us but manufacture is outsourced in India and China. We are aggregators, using lighting products and components from other suppliers. Large lighting suppliers and products are mainly focused on land-based customers, but we adapt them for specific marine applications. So, in one lighting product we can use components from several suppliers, to meet the requirements of each installation.

“We can advise customers what lighting is best for them, rather than them having to choose from off the shelf products from other suppliers. We can take account of specific aspects of shipboard operations, such as vibration and, for example, insert a dampener to reduce the risk of damage or breakage due to the effects of vibration. We also supply explosion proof lighting.” Seraphic Energy supplies a range of LED lighting applications including floodlights, tubelights, searchlights, and navigation lights.

Mr Tanksali told Singapore Solutions that Seraphic has two models of long-beam WiFi-smartphone controlled searchlights under development. “They would be designed to deliver a beam length of 2km and 4km and would be powered by 120W and 240W pencil beam LEDs. We hope to have had a limited launch by June 2017 and to go into serial production in India by September. We have selected Osram brand LED light sources and Khatod optics for this light.”

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