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Shell focusing on lube oils for Southeast Asia market

Fri 21 Apr 2017

Shell focusing on lube oils for Southeast Asia market
Shell's plant in Indonesia is now producing marine lubes (credit: Shell)

Shell is focusing efforts on developing lube oils for four-stroke engines, with upgraded products announced in April 2016. In Southeast Asia this is particularly relevant for the local market for offshore support vessels and ferries in Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia. Shell has launched a number of new products aimed at enhancing its products and services to lube oil customers, with an emphasis on integrated lubrication solutions. For example, the Shell LubeMonitor product provides data and analysis software, with data transmitted in real time.

Shell has recently updated its Shell Marine App to include the mobile reporting of customers’ Shell Rapid Lube Analyst reports. This is in addition to other features such as the mobile tracking of orders, interactive vessel guides to Shell Marine’s lubricants product range, and contacting Shell Marine’s international customer service centre.

Recent new lubricant products include Shell Alexia 140, with a high BN of 140. It is targeted for use on its own or as part of an onboard lubricant blending or mixing system.

Shell’s newest lubricant oil blending plant (LOBP), in Marunda Center, near Jakarta, Indonesia, which opened in 2015 has stepped up its capabilities and is producing 99 different products.  They now include Shell marine engine oils Shell Argina, Shell Gadinia, and Shell Melina.

Shell Argina and Shell Gadinia engine oils are used in marine propulsion engines for small to mid-sized vessels and marine auxiliary engines, and for stationary power generation. Shell Melina is an advanced multifunctional crank case system lubricant for low speed marine diesel engines.

The local production of these marine lubricants is in response to the increase in demand from the growing domestic maritime sector in Indonesia. This came about as a result of the Indonesian Government’s maritime highway programme, which involves developing the country’s maritime infrastructure by upgrading ports throughout the archipelago. To support this initiative, Shell Marine ensures continuity of supply by providing stock point centres located in major ports in Indonesia to serve domestic and international marine customers.

Alex Marpaung, lubricants supply chain operations manager for Indonesia, said: “We are pleased by the progress we have made in one year of manufacturing operations here in Indonesia. This local capability enables us to be close to our customers and nimbly react to market demand, including our marine lubricant customers.”

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