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Higher bollard pull tugs needed in Malaysian ports

Mon 16 Oct 2017 by Martyn Wingrove

Higher bollard pull tugs needed in Malaysian ports
Maritime accidents and potential for salvage in Malaysia

Port operators and shipping companies in Malaysia expect an increasing range of bollard pulls from tug operators, along with low prices and fuel savings. Tug owners are expected to provide more advanced tugs with higher powers because of larger ships using Malaysian ports, said Johar Port Marine pilot superintendent Saadon Shukor at Riviera’s Asian Tug Technology & Salvage Conference in Singapore.

He explained that stiff competition between local and foreign tug service providers was keeping charter rates low for owners, but these are seen as affordable prices for port operators.

New port developments within Malaysia are increasing demand for harbour tugs and Capt Shukor said port operators are requesting tugs with bollard pulls between 25 tonnes and 65 tonnes. They want “high service quality performance and reliability to support every task, plus fuel efficiency,” he explained.

Capt Shukor said Malaysian port services have a high level of safety and low accident rates. On average there are 16 accidents and more than 50,000 vessel berths per year in Malaysian ports. “This indicates that there is 0.03% chance [per vessel movement] for a vessel accident to happen in Malaysia,” he said.

Johar Port Marine provides towing, berthing, pilotage, equipment supply and ship-to-ship transfers in the limits of Pasir Gudang Port.

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