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MPSV fitted with custom gangway to support platform maintenance

Tue 23 Apr 2019 by John Snyder

MPSV fitted with custom gangway to support platform maintenance
Dynamic positioning class 2 capable, MMA Pinnacle can accommodate up 100 to support its contract with Woodside

Australia-based MMA Offshore has been awarded a contract to provide accommodation and walk-to-work vessel services to support platform maintenance operations on oil and gas company Woodside’s Australian assets over two scopes scheduled to commence in April.

For the contract, MMA Offshore will fit multi-purpose support vessel (MPSV) MMA Pinnacle with a custom motion-compensated gangway system that will enable personnel to transfer between the Woodside platforms and their accommodation on the vessel during the maintenance programme.

MMA’s inhouse engineering team worked with Dutch gangway manufacturer ­­Safeway and Woodside to outfit the MPSV with the custom-built pedestal and motion-compensated mast and gangway, which will offer workability at significant and variable platform heights.

MMA Pinnacle, which is on a long-term contract with i-Tech 7, the life-of-field business unit of UK-based subsea engineering firm Subsea 7, is permanently fitted with two identical Centurion SP work-class remotely operated vehicle systems capable of operating in up to 3,000 m of water and has an approved safety case for operations in Australia.

With accommodation for 100, the diesel-electric-powered MPSV is also fitted with a 150-tonne active heave-compensated subsea crane, manufactured by MacGregor, capable of reaching up to 3,000 m of water and has dynamic positioning class 2 capability.

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