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MENA Maritime Business

Riviera Maritime Media is proud to introduce its newest annual publication, MENA Maritime Business, written for senior shipping industry executives in the Middle East and North Africa and around the world. The magazine invites regional shipping leaders to introduce their countries’ most exciting shipping and offshore projects. It analyses the opportunities and challenges that these new MENA projects face and showcases the solutions that will turn these ventures into world-leading businesses.

If you are a supplier interested in promoting your products and services to the MENA maritime and offshore decision makers this magazine is an ideal opportunity to showcase your business. If you are interested in discussing the advertising opportunities please contact Colin Deed on 


MENA Maritime Business will be circulated to 4,000 of the most senior decision makers in the maritime industry both in the MENA region and globally. The target readership for this is the C-suite managment of shipowners, charterers, oil majors, port owners, equipment suppliers and relevant government ministries.


Key Areas to be covered in this magazine include: 


North Africa is one of the most exciting markets to watch, in terms of shipping opportunities. Positioned between the great east-west shipping trades, North Africa is well placed to grow its transhipment and logistics industries. There are opportunities, too, for oil and gas shipping, as regional governments seek to unlock new reserves or to diversify their own supply base. Key projects include Egypt’s new maritime hub and industrial park at East Port Said, the Zohr offshore project and a series of ambitious port upgrades in Algeria and Morocco.

SPOTLIGHT SOLUTION: Offshore supply and service vessels

Offshore support and supply shipping has remained buoyant in North Africa, offsetting a more general downturn around the world. 



Saudi Arabia offers a plethora of opportunities to shipping, supply and service companies. The country has embarked on a fresh round of port upgrades and megaprojects as it seeks to diversify away from dependence on oil and to provide jobs/training for young people. Bahri, Saudi Aramco and Hyundai Heavy Industries are developing a giant shipbuilding complex in the kingdom and the country’s refineries are ramping up their output. 

SPOTLIGHT SOLUTION: Tankers, refined products and liquid bulk shipping

An oil-exporting superpower, the MENA region has established tanker fleets. We look at the prospects for fleet upgrades and renewals, growth in regional refining and at the fleet that will deliver this product to market. 


Is stepping up its investment in downstream oil and gas and in infrastructure. It plans to add an LNG-import terminal to the vast petrochemical complex under construction at Ras Al Zour. It also plans to modernise and upgrade its commercial ports. 

SPOTLIGHT SOLUTION: Marine propulsion and auxiliary systems, lubes and coatings

MENA-based shipowners have ordered some 200 newbuildings for delivery in 2016-2020. The region’s planned and existing fleet offers ample opportunities for enginemakers, engineering firms and equipment suppliers. 


Is the world’s largest LNG exporter. And this year, it pledged to ramp up that production to some 100 million tonnes a year, unlocking additional North Field gas reserves. Qatar is also investing in global energy projects, building up its gas portfolio. This opens new offshore opportunities – and could drive fresh LNG-carrier orders. Qatar is also upgrading its commercial ports. 

SPOTLIGHT SOLUTIONS: Gas shipping, containment systems and cryogenic equipment

The MENA region has traditionally been a net exporter of gas. Now, more players are turning to LNG imports and investing in regasification and distribution infrastructure. There are nine floating storage and regasification units (FSRUs) in the region; more are planned. Meanwhile, Iran plans to ramp up its gas exports. 


Has led the pack in diversifying its economy. Today it is an established logistics hub and home to an established shipyard. Manama is investing in new logistics ventures – and preparing to take delivery of its first LNG cargoes. 

SPOTLIGHT SOLUTION: shipbuilding and repairs, supplies and logistics

Having established itself as a hub for east-west shipments of spare parts and equipment, the MENA region is investing in shipbuilding and repair capacity. Can Saudi Arabia’s new venture with HHI compete against regional rivals such as N-Kom in Qatar, ASRY in Bahrain and Dubai Drydocks? How can the region’s shipyards become cheaper, smarter and more competitive?  


Is a hub for all seasons. The seven emirates boast world-class container ports, dockyards, logistics hubs and bunkering. The country is a regional base for the world’s most powerful players in ship finance, brokerage, consultancy and maritime law. But the party isn’t over yet. Abu Dhabi, in particular, is investing in ports and offshore exploration. Sharjah is about to take delivery of its first LNG cargoes for the northern emirates. Fujairah is upgrading its ports. 

SPOTLIGHT SOLUTION: Shipping solutions and innovation

Bigger, brighter, faster, smarter… the MENA region is thirsty for maritime knowledge, expertise and new technologies. Demand spans everything from port-management technology to condition-based maintenance systems. The region’s growing fleet opens opportunity to a range of technical and software solutions. Its small manufacturing base presents an opportunity to grow – or to ship in solutions from outside. 


Has never put all its eggs in one basket; its maritime offering spans shiprepair, container shipping, refined products and logistics. Muscat has recently consolidated its ports, shipping and logistics interests into one holding company, Asyad. Meanwhile, the Sultanate continues to invest offshore, is ramping up its product exports and upgrading its ports and waterfronts. 

SPOTLIGHT SOLUTION: Port development and industrial/free trade zones

The MENA region is famous for its container shipping hubs and free trade zones. It continues to invest in ports and in ventures that offer incentives and preferential trading terms to inward investors. And where the state once led, private developers now follow. Meanwhile, Iraq and Iran urgently need new infrastructure. 


The international maritime community ignores at its peril a market that spans Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Iraq and the autonomous Kurdish region. Beyond the headlines, regional governments are upgrading infrastructure and seeking new investment and global partnerships. There is opportunity in reconstruction, particularly for project cargoes, for consultancy and for partnerships. Regional tech hub Jordan is planning shore-based LNG imports and positioning itself as a gateway to a re-emerging Iraq. Lebanon is upgrading its ports and infrastructure. And offshore, the vast gas reserves off Israel, Cyprus and Egypt present a major opportunity. 


SPOTLIGHT SOLUTION: Marine electronics and communications

Home to satcomms giant Thuraya, the MENA region is a hub for marine communications suppliers. Regional fleet renewal and newbuilding orders create solid demand for MEC solutions – everything from condition-based maintenance systems to navigational aids and simulation suites. Regional port upgrades demand software and solutions that make the maritime business faster, cheaper and more competitive. 


Is a regional ship manufacturing heavyweight, with an established record in shipbuilding, shiprepairs and shipbreaking. Turkey has an eye for shipping opportunity, whether in building tugs and service ships or in exporting specialist cryogenic equipment. The country’s young, educated population and geo-strategic location give it serious clout. Looking inward, Ankara is investing in everything from LNG-import infrastructure to offshore exploration and port development. 

SPOTLIGHT SOLUTION: Containers, dry cargoes and port development

Some analysts expect regional box-handling capacity to top 70 million teu by 2020, with all sub-MENA regions on course for double-digit growth in container traffic. Although the region’s giant hub ports are growing quickly, niche opportunities lie with smaller ports too. 


Is the MENA region’s wild card. It has the population, the oil and gas reserves and the latent demand to lead regional maritime affairs. Tehran wants to ramp up its oil and gas exports, to fund a massive investment programme in infrastructure, to modernise a country emerging from protracted economic sanctions. Will Iran deliver everything it promises? Everything depends on political stability within the region and in Iran’s leaders’ strategic direction. 

SPOTLIGHT SOLUTION: Legal, regulatory and consultancy services

Emerging markets present a challenge to the unprepared. Doing business across the MENA region demands preparation, intelligence and local knowledge. Our final spotlight introduces the consultants that can guide your business decisions, helping you to tackle the vast opportunity that the MENA region presents.

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